Tavda plywood industrial complex

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Standard: GOST 99-2016

Rotary cut veneer format, mm

1600*1600 (1)

Thickness of veneer sheet, mm


Grade of veneer

I (B), II (BB), III (CP), IV (C), Mill Run, other mixes in bundle (1)

  1. – the format and the grade of the veneer in bundle is upon the buyer’s request

Tavdinskiy rotary cut birch veneer is produced strictly in accordance with GOST 99-2016 with stable physical parameters and high surface quality. Peeled birch veneer is the basis for the production of various types of products. Rotary cut birch veneer is peeled on high-precision Raute 3VKKT machines in 3 lines and dried in 4 lines of SRG-25 gas dryers. Cutting and stacking are carried out on automatic lines