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Over the past three months, housing prices in the US market have risen for 15%, that was ahead of the average growth rate. According to brokerage firm “Redfin”, this was the largest gain since they began collecting data in 1990.

US property prices are now above their 2005 year peak.

An analysis of building costs census data by the National Association of Home Builders (USA) shows, that total private spending on housing rose by 3.1% in December 2020. Total spending on private housing construction was 21% higher than a year ago.

The monthly increase is largely attributable to strong increases in per-family spending to improve housing.

In the words of Zillow CEO Richard Burton of the US housing market today, "Homes are flying off the shelves."

This situation in the US housing construction and low inventory levels of components in the warehouses, in turn, causes an increased demand for building materials, including the Russian birch plywood.

As of January 2021, plywood mills in Russia are provided with orders for 2-3 months, and many of them have stopped taking orders to allow price adjustments for future deliveries.

This gives confidence to the entire Russian forest industry for intensive growth in the near future.