Tavda plywood industrial complex

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The company Eco-group, LLC offers the wood processing equipment of 2007 production year (not used) for sale:

Technical parameters
Thermal oil boiler type IVT/TO
With power adjustment, for waste wood incineration:
1. Grinding dust (incl. chipboard)
2. Shredded plywood
3. Different kinds of sawdust
Condition – not used, packaged
Power max: 4 500 kW; 3 870 000 kcal/h
Temperature: 280 С
Heating space: 275 m2
Working pressure max: 6 bar
Ash content: maximum 1wt./%(cm)
Fuel supply: PSS and SSK
Hopper discharging system: EWF-C
Type of grate: UFG-D
Efficiency at full load: 73%
Laminating line (short-stroke pressing line) for Chipboard and Plywood
Chipboard dimensions:    
 width 1750 and 1830 mm
 length 2440 and 3500 mm
Plywood dimensions:   width 1525 mm
                                 length 2 х 1525 mm
Condition – not used
Heating panel dimension:1950 х 3800 mm.
Specific pressing pressure: 350 N/cm2
Required heat of the press: 350 000 kcal/h
Required amount of compressed air: 400 nm3/h
Installed electr. power: 250 kW
Capacity: in 1-panel regyme 120 panels/h
                     in 2-panel regyme 90 panels/h
Possible chipboard thicknesses: 6-40 mm
Possible thicknesses of plywood: 6-25 мм
Forming station for wood chips (Three forming heads)
Machine type FS2.1/1980-1800
Continuous forming of a uniform chipboard panel (for chipboard panels production) on panels, installed under the forming station.
Condition – 1 Year of use.
Min. specific weight of material O.L. (outer layer) (impregnated) 160 kg/m³
Max. specific weight of material I.L. (Inner layer) (impregnated) 130 kg/m³
Material humidity O.L. 12 %
Material humidity I.L. 8 %
Min. given performance O.L. 8 м³/ч
Max. given performance O.L. 16 м³/ч
Min. given performance I.L. 33 м³/ч
Max. given performance I.L. 56 м³/ч
Min. Velocity of dosing conveyor O.L. (5 Hz) 1,4 mm/sec
Max. Velocity of dosing conveyor O.L. (50 Hz) 14,3 mm/sec
Min. Velocity of dosing conveyor I.L. (13 Hz) 4,8 mm/sec
Max. Velocity of dosing conveyor I.L. (97 Hz) 35.7 mm/sec


The documentation set is available upon request.

The pricing is negotiable.

Shipment terms: EXW Tavda city, Sverdlovsk region.

Dismantling, packing, loading can be performed by Seller under additional agreement.